Schriffen is not only fashion forward clothing...

it's fashion necessary.

100% Made In The USA

Schriffen was started by two sisters from New York City who loved to golf, but were mystified by the available golf fashion. What they wanted to wear simply didn’t exist. They were looking for feminine, high fashion outfits that were tailored for the green.  What they found were boxy, ill-fitted versions of men’s clothing.  They quickly realized that if they had this problem, many other women did too.
The girls created signature pieces with bow ties, pleated skirts and leather accents that were influenced from the fashion runways of Paris, New York and Milan.  What sets Schriffen uniquely apart is the wearer’s ability to play at the top of their game, while seamlessly transitioning to the rest of their day without making a wardrobe change, the essence of lifestyle apparel.
The line focuses on fashion, but would never compromise comfort, feel and durability.  Schriffen uses top of the line lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable and odor proof fabrics that were designed uniquely for them.
Their buttery soft fabric is custom made by a tiny third generation to glide over the skin and hugs the wearer's body.
The full Schriffen line is comprised of women’s golf and tennis dresses, men's polos and athletic lifestyle apparel.
Schriffen is 100% made in New York and produced with love.  With offices in New York and Los Angeles; the team has recently expanded to include exclusive retailers throughout The United States, Canada, France, The United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and The UAE.